Risc Technology Integration (Pty) Ltd, a South African owned and based company, was founded in 2002 by a group of dedicated individuals determined to provide independent, transparent and tailored IT solutions to customers based on their actual business needs and requirements.

Customer service and complete satisfaction is central to our approach and we believe that one single supplier cannot deliver total solutions.  Consequently, we have partnered with some of the top companies, both worldwide and in South Africa to provide the technology based business solutions which our customers expect.  We are proud to boast our Platinum Level relationship with Oracle and currently have 16 Platinum specialisations to our credit.


We firmly believe that communication is key to our successful relationships with customers as we continue to deliver top of the range solutions, at cost effective prices and with world-class consultancy and support to a range of African countries.


We are proud to have an enthusiastic team of people, who are highly trained in their  area of expertise, who are respectful and who take pride in ensuring that your experience with us is world class and managed professionally at all times.

Risctec is an employer of a highly qualified, diverse, dedicated and effective workforce and have a highly rated BBBEE certificate.  If you wish to receive a copy of this certificate please email

Risctec has a proud record of safety and are committed to training programmes covering all aspects Health, Safety and the Environment.  Our health and safety commitment and record keeping has also been verified by our recent external compliancy audit.


We specialise in Enterprise Unix Servers from SUN Microsystems & Fujitsu Computers;

Linux Servers from SUN, FSC, HP & IBM. Storage Arrays from SUN, EMC and NetApps; Robotic Tape Libraries; and Data Management Software from Legato and Veritas



Why Use us?


  • WE provide fully certified staff.
  • WE have multi vendor capability.
  • WE provide client specific customization.
  • WE are flexible with you in mind.
  • WE provide SLA flexibility with on-site spares.
  • WE provide country and region wide coverage.
  • WE have our own engineers and excellent response times
  • WE have cross-border capability.
  • WE have excellent turnaround and response times.
  • WE have on-site engineers.
  • WE have a positive attitude.
  • WE assist with management reporting.


  • WE provide highly skilled and certified staff.
  • WE work with a variety of vendors.
  • WE provide consultations
  • WE assure you of a quality experience.
  • WE are platform independent.
  • WE provide end-to-end capability.
  • WE provide implementation capability.
  • WE provide the best solution for the customer
  • WE are vendor independent.
  • WE have a proven track record.


  • WE have the skills within our team.
  • WE are vendor independent.
  • WE provide integration with the current environment.
  • WE are there from conception to completion.
  • WE support and assist with consolidation/virtualisation of desktops.
  • WE support and assist with consolidation/virtualisation of servers.
  • WE support and assist with consolidation/virtualisation of storage.
  • WE provide first-class consultancy.


  • WE provide the best of breed tools.
  • WE provide comprehensive data collection within the O/S.
  • WE provide performance analysis down to application level.
  • WE provide problem alert and drill-down capability.
  • WE provide historical data retention advice.
  • WE provide modeling services.
  • WE provide assistance with infrastructure change.
  • WE provide assistance with capacity change.
  • WE assist with management reporting.
  • WE work with multi-platform and multi-operating systems


  • Risctec has 60% black ownership and is the employer of a highly-qualified, diverse, dedicated and effective workforce.  We currently hold a Level One B-BBEE Certificate and our CSI initiative is one of our on-going and proudest achievements.

Risc Technology Integration (Pty) Ltd will embrace, support and enact, wherever possible in our sphere of influence, the set of core values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

We have been externally audited for Safety, Health and the Environment and are 100% compliant.  We have a proud record of safety and are committed to our wide ranging training programmes.

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